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wednesday, april 22nd 2015

at superdeluxe!

 Pecha-Kucha Night Tokyo

Pecha Kucha Global

presented by Klein Dytham architecture


welcome, thinking drinking people.



if you are to museum of contemoprary art tokyo,

we recommend to go there late.

because there are some classic izakaya's in the area.

since you visit this area, enjoy art appetizer till late afternoon at the museum, follow by izakaya main course in the early evening is the way to go.

you can search "izakaya" around the area on net in english.



then, "bar nico" will be a good spot for your dessert of the night.

fine music, good volume, d.j's fun play some weekends.

and perfectly quality controlled bottles of tokyo ale they have!



bar nico is at 2nd floor of the old classsic wooden house, a curry shop "spice bar nico" and another bar "organico" at the 1st floor.


if it's a sunny day, will be nice to start early and swing by to "kiyosumi garden". 

all area is free to enter on may 4th and october 1st. (usually it's 150yen)

good idea to bring your tea, coffee and/or beer!

the museum will be 10min. walk distance.

enjoy tokyo!!!



"bar nico"

open mostly at 20:00 till late night (1st floor usually open at 18:00~)

close on sundays 

tel; 03.3846.1211

address; 11-1 takabashi, koutou-ku, tokyo 




2015.april 29th(wed.), bar nico has a barbecue party at "kiba-kouen". it's their 10th anniversary party!

you will be warmly welcome if you tell them that you read this blog and come!

still admission fee is 5,000yen. include all food and drinks and tokyo ale on tap!

(bring your own table and you get 500yen discount)  

start at 10:00 till 16:00.

there will be fun japanese and forigners total of around 100.

so join them early and enjoy the day in tokyo!!! 



look for kota if you have any problem at the party. he will give you some local information as well.  

kiba-kouen; barbecue field at south section

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